Best Food Prague: Accessibility Help

This website has been designed with accessibility in mind. We are fully committed to ensuring that every page on this site will meet guidelines for web accessibility and it is our intention to continue to work to further improve access for all customers. Below are some some useful links and tips for getting the most out of the site.


Content is laid out using style sheets, which users can change in their browsers to suit individual requirements.

Text sizes

This site uses relative font sizes that are compatible with user specified font sizes in visual browsers. Some users might find screen text easier to read by increasing the size at which text is displayed.

To following browsers allow you to change the font to a size you are comfortable with:

  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the View menu, select 'Text Size' and then either Larger or Largest. For more information visit the Microsoft help and support site.
  • If you use Netscape Navigator, go to the View menu and choose 'Increase Font' until the text is the size you require.
  • If you use Firefox, go to the 'View menu', select 'Text Size' and then select 'Increase'. You can have the same effect by using the keyboard and press the keys 'Ctrl' and '+' at the same time. Firefox publishes detailed information on how to adjust the display of their browser on their website:

Changing Background Colour

If you suffer from some visual problems, you may wish to change the background colour of pages in Internet Explorer.

  • Click Tools in the toolbar at the top and select Internet Options
  • Select the General tab and click the Accessibility button
  • Select the box next to Ignore colors specified by web pages and click OK
  • Click Colors (a menu of colours should appear). Select your preferred background colour then click OK.
  • Select the Accessibility option. (4 tick boxes will appear). Tick the three boxes listed under the Formatting heading and click OK
  • Click OK to confirm the new settings.

Image Descriptions

All content images on the site use descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative images include "null" or "" ALT attributes.