Kolonial Pub: Best Koleno in Prague

Amazing koleno. Probably the best I have had so far. Central Prague with fabulous themed decorations and first class food. I will send koleno-hunting tourists here.

What is Koleno?
Perhaps the most famous, and for me at least, the most memorable czech food you could ever wish to taste. On the menu, it appears as 'Pečené vepřové koleno' which translates literally as 'Roasted Pork Knee/Knuckle'. Sounds barbaric - looks barbaric. But who cares!? you're on holiday - i urge you to get stuck in. They will provide you with knife and fork, but in no time you will be peeling the crispy skin with your bare hands and dipping huge juicy strips of pork into the sauces. The sauces are usually mustard and perhaps a small cabbage salad and horseradish, all of which work beautifully with the koleno, and makes you rush through your cold beer at a glutonously abnormal rate.

Why is Kolonial best for Koleno?
I was attracted to 'Kolonial Pub' because their koleno was listed in the centre of the menu as SPECIALITY. For them to list just one dish as a speciality, is very confident so I had to investigate.

The reason I decided immediately that this is THE BEST is because I felt hideous and greedy after it... I wanted MORE! The real treat for me was the skin - perfect crispy skin that was probably more enjoyable than the meat itself, as I usually discard the koleno skin in other restaurants. Other restaurants sometimes retain the juicy, fleshy texture of the skin (to be expected really), but Kolonials is different - if you love, or have ever imagined the perfect Pork Scratchings, you will know what I am talking about. They also cut the skin in such a way that you can break-it-off and use the small strips with dip. My mouth is watering now as I write this... oooo happy memories.

As a runner, I try to avoid such meals, but as a hypocrit, I enjoy the flexibility offered by the word "try" ;-)

The onion soup was also incredible... I was so happy with both dishes, I thought I'd go for three out of three and order dessert.

I had the GINGERBREAD CUBES WITH ICE CREAM, roasted with plums and walnuts. Three perfect dishes, I will be recommending to tourists on my travels.

Also, one cannot mention this place without paying tribute to the decor. I spoke with a waiter who tells me the owner became a keen cyclist a few years ago - hence the fabulous touches scattered throughout this diner. So if you like bikes and/or koleno, this is the place for you.