Kolkovna Olympia, Prague

Kolkovna Olympia
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I have been visiting this place regularly. It is usually excellent, whatever I have. Their Zelnečka (Cabbage Soup) in bread is exceptional, but I also like to go here when I want a salad. Also, with it being a Pilsner pub, you'll always get great beer

What is Zelnečka?
Cabbage soup with smoked meat and cream.

This is a well known Czech soup, so you can eat it in many places in Prague - But I prefer the Zelnecka in Olympia because it is very thick, rich and is served inside a crispy hollow loaf of bread. It's great fun to eat your way into the base of the loaf, occasionally breaking off strips of crust to dip into the soup.

When eating 'soup-in-bread', a friend showed me a really smart trick... she would use her spoon to scrape the inside of the loaf, and as the bread sticks to the spoon, you will enjoy the most wonderful texture and taste of the soup and bread absorbed into each other.