Naše Maso, Prague

Naše Maso ('Our Meat') is a high quality butchers who supply the best meat produce to some of the finer restaurants in Prague. In this shop you can eat the produce fresh, hot or cold as prepared on-site. Beef Tartare can be intimidating but TRUST ME.

What is Beef Tartar?
This is quite a popular dish in Czech Republic, and you will find it in most restaurants in Prague. On the menu it will appear as "Tartar z hovězí svíčkové" which translates as "Tartar of beef tenderloin". It's relatively inexpensive, but given the 'intimate' nature of this dish, I would prefer to pay a high price in a quality restaurant. The Beef Tartar is finely minced steak, mixed with salt, pepper, garlic, onion and capers... usually served on toasted Rye bread. The toast should also come with a curious clove of garlic - the garlic is chopped with the largest surface area ready to rub and scrape into the toast. How VERY Czech!

Tartar and I...
I waited THREE years to try Beef Tartare. I, like many (non-czech) people begin to shiver and make strange faces at the thought of eating RAW beef... and the Czech's insisting on placing a RAW EGG on top of it does not sweeten the deal!

However, I have heard so many great comments about this 'Nase Maso' butchers, in particular their Beef Tartare, that I simply had to investigate - a sort of 'NOW or NEVER' moment for 'Tartar and I'. When I arrived, I saw the butchers was FULL and indeed people queing beyond the entrance. Being English, I do like a good queue, so I took my place and shuffled my way to the till with increasing saliva rising to the tip of my tongue. It's like a (meat) sweet shop - you just want to eat everything, it all looks so tasty.

Three of the people eating on the tables outside the shop were eating the Beef Tartar. It looks amazing here. Before I got 'stuck-in', I nervously asked 'is it as good as it looks?', to which the hip young Czech replied 'Best in Prague', almost as if he knew about my '' website already.

Admittedly, this is the only Tartar I have eaten, but the fact I wanted to eat another one immediately after it, and the fact that many expats concur it's amazing here, I will be bold and state that this place has 'The Best Beef Tartar in Prague'. I shall of course try many more within the next few weeks, but I do not expect to change my decision. Really - this tartare is incredible and I urge you to taste with your mouth, not your eyes.

PS: Also, I squirted some mustard onto mine - though perfect without mustard, somehow it became even more perfect WITH the mustard... oh, if only 'PERFECTER' were a real adjective!

Also, their sausages were reviewed and approved by BBC Travel