IF Cafe, Prague

Possibly the best cakes in Prague. Cappuccino / Espesso are also faultless. I also tried the Croissant with cream, and it's definitely the best croissant in Prague. keep your eye on this page because I will be trying ALL cakes from IF (Iveta Fabešová)

It's very rare (and very GREEEEEEDY!) for me to have TWO cakes in one sitting - but that is exactly what I did. It is only philosophy (and a little dignity) that stops me from staying here all day to eat all cakes.

Iveta Fabešová ("IF") is a talented person indeed. Clearly, she is a Francophile and has devoted herself to the persuit of perfect French sweets for us (lucky) people of Prague. She has also written several books (available from the shop) should anybody wish to replicate the tastes at home.

Personally, I prefer to let the professionals do the work (i.e. I am inept and lazy!)

I will be going to this place again SOON. My mind cannot rest until I know if the other cakes are as good as the Pistachio cake I had.